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Roll Bunco! Pencils - Pink Ribbon

Roll Bunco! Pencils - Pink Ribbon
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Product Description

Have you been searching high and low for something unique to pass out at your bunko night this month?

The Roll Bunco Pencils with a pink ribbon design will be the perfect addition to your bunko night.

The Roll Bunco Pencils with the pink ribbon design are perfect if you are planning a bunco for breast cancer theme night. The pink pencils also work well with any other theme that utilizes the color pink in the theme – Pink Flamingoes, Pink Paradise, Margaritaville, Girls Night Out or Passionate Kisses. Any theme can be turned pink with a few decorations, paper products and pencils.

The Roll Bunco Pencils with the pink ribbon design can also be used as a door prize. They are an inexpensive way to reward your guests for winning a category in bunco. Or the pencils could be handed out to everyone in order to keep track of their scores easier. Because we all know pens run out of ink and the kid’s crayons you grab just don’t work right. Get a couple of sets of the pencils to keep in your bunco kit so they can travel to the other girls’ houses as well.

The Roll Bunco Pencils come in a set of six pencils. The pencils are white with the words Roll Bunco in black ink along the edge. There are pink ribbons before and after the Roll Bunco words.

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