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Bunco Prize Bank

Bunco Prize Bank
Bunco Prize Bank
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Product Description

Are you looking for something different to hand out as a prize for your bunko night? Or maybe you are trying to come up with a really crazy theme and decorations to match for your night of hosting bunko group? No matter what you are looking for, the Neon Vault Banks would be a perfect solution.

The Neon Vault Bank is made out of plastic and stands 3 ˝ inches tall. The door is on hinges and swings open, allowing you to stash your bunko winnings inside or using it as a place to store everybody’s bunko kitty money. The door can be closed and the combination twirled to keep the money locked up tight. The combination is an actual working lock! The Neon Vault Banks come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue and light purple.

The Neon Vault Banks could incorporate some kind of funky theme, like Take it to the Bank night, Lock Up Breast Cancer (using the pink ones), Lock Up Ovarian Cancer (using the blue ones) or even Cops and Robbers night. The themes can be about money, locks or being safe. Lock Up Your Identity or Lock Up Your Margaritas! Be creative and come up with anything fun for locks and vaults for the night.

The Neon Vault Banks are small enough that they can decorate in the bathroom for added theme fun or put on the appetizer and drink table without getting in the way. The vaults can be hidden around the room – or just hide one – and the winner has to find their prize money at the end of the night! That could make for interesting entertainment, especially if you served adult beverages!

Purchase some vault banks for your next bunco party and see how impressed your bunko group is with all your creative genius!

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