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Piggy Bank Oinking "Loser"!

Piggy Bank "Oinking"  Loser!
Piggy Bank "Oinking" Loser!
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Product Description

How do you play bunko? Do you throw money in the pot when you begin the game or do you grow the pot as you go, putting in coins if you lose and take out coins if you win a round? How do you keep track of all that money?

Here’s the answer – an Oinking Plush Piggy Bank. This cute and furry pink pig will let you know every time someone makes a contribution in the form of a coin – it will oink twice each time a coin is dropped in the slot! There won’t be any sneaking of coins in if you lose, the pig will squeal on you!

The pink pig stands eight inches tall. It comes with batteries to operate the sound box on the pig, but depending on how active your group loses, you might need replacements soon! The pig can decorate your snack or drink table before he gets awarded to someone. He can also be passed around if needed as people fill him up.

The pig can go home with the winner’s earnings. If everyone drops in their booty money ahead of time, then the pig can be the safe holder of it. You can empty him before the night is over or simply send him off with the winner or the hostess of the next event. It’s all up to you to decide.

The pig can be used as your booby prize. The loser of the night, usually the person with the lowest score, gets their money back but in the form of coins. The pig can hold the coins so the loser can easily transport them home. If you don’t want the pig to leave the premises, empty him out and refill each time before bunko night.

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