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#1 Gold Tone Prize Winner Medal
#1 Gold Tone Prize Winner Medal
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Product Description

Are you looking for a real way to award your winner each month at Bunko night? The money prize just isn’t enough for how much thought, effort, sweat and tears it takes to come out on top with a bunko win…it takes…OK, OK, that’s a little much. But maybe you are looking for something traditional, yet inexpensive for your gift to the top winner of the night. How about a #1 Gold Tone Winner Medal?

The #1 Gold Tone Winner medal is an actual replica of a medal sports champions wear. The gold colored plastic circle is inscribed with the word WINNER on one side and #1 on the other. The gold medallions hang from a ribbon that is red, white and blue in color. Ribbons measure 32 inches in length and fit nicely over any type of shirt, even ones with collars.

The #1 Gold Tone Winner Medals can also be used as awards for something else. As a side competition, maybe you had a contest for who could bring in the tastiest cookies. Who carved the scariest pumpkin? Who had the best costume to match the theme? Who attended the most bunko nights during the year? There are many ways to think up excuses, I mean reasons to give out winner medals to your bunko gals. Theme nights that can utilize the #1 Gold Tone Winner Medals would be an Olympic Adventure, Gold Medal Bunko Gals, You’re All Winners, Championship Night or It’s Pretty Gold in Here.

The medals can be given out to everyone at the beginning of the night or saved until the end of the night – hostesses choice!

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