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Hanging Fuzzy Dice

Hanging Fuzzy Dice
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Product Description

Let’s take your night back to the good ol’ days. How about the 1950s? Were you even alive then? It doesn’t matter what your age is, you can have a great time if you make your bunco night theme something from back in the days of Grease, Happy Days or even, OK, those weren’t happening in the 50s, but they would make great theme nights. Imagine what a great door prize could be for the winner on such a night? How about a pair of 3 ½” Large Fuzzy Dice? Awesome.

Before you give the dice away at the end of the night, you could use them as decorations. Hang a pair over the chandelier in the dining room. Dangle a pair off the lights in the bathroom near where you are playing. Heck, throw a pair over the doorknobs in the kitchen so people can really get in the mood, no matter if you have a 50s theme or not. The Large Bunco Fuzzy Dice could be a compliment to any type of theme, simply because it’s bunco night. Do you need any other excuse?

The 3 ½” Large Fuzzy Dice is a set of two dice on a string. Each dice measures 3 ½” square. The dice come in black, red, white or pink with black pips. The two dice are held together by a black string that can be shortened with a quick knot.

Make your bunco night more fun by using these as the fuzzy dice you throw to the current bunco holder. Do the girls all scream when the dice is coming their way? What would they do when there are two connected dice coming at them? Good times are ahead when you purchase the 3 1/2” Large Fuzzy Dice set.

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