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Bunco Dice Balloons

Bunco Dice Balloons
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Product Description

Jazz up any bunko night in your house by getting clusters of Bunco Dice Balloons. The balloons are shiny, fun, festive and perfect for not only bunko night, but if you hold any other type of dice game, such a LRC. You might only play LRC at your “halftime” between rounds, so the Bunco Dice Balloon is a perfect match for your decorations.

The Bunco Dice Balloon is shipped flat, so you will need access to a helium tank or take it somewhere that it can be inflated. The balloon has a self sealing valve once it is inflated so it will hold air a long time. String is attached at the stem, so you can instantly secure the balloon anywhere and it can’t float away!

The balloons are approximately seventeen inches wide by eighteen inches tall when empty. The balloon will take on a slightly smaller shape when it is fully inflated as it is not quite round, but of a squarish shape. The balloons are red with white pips that appear 3D.

Place balloon bouquets of three, four or five balloons in the center of the food table or even around the corners of the bunko room. The Dice Balloons will certainly add some color and festive spirit to even the dingiest of rooms. Balloons can also be filled with air and taped as decorations around the room and not floating. Tape on your doors, in the bathroom or around the kitchen where you might play.

The balloons are thick enough that they could probably be passed around from house to house and used as decorations for several bunko nights. Maybe you can even make your winner walk out carrying a helium balloon.

Shipped deflated; simply fill with helium or air. Measures approximately 17" wide and 18" tall [deflated].

Impress the girls with your bunco decor!

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