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Ceramic Dice Plates - 6 Plates

Ceramic Dice Plates - 6 Plates
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Product Description

If you are certainly looking to distract your bunko babes from your cooking when it is your night to host, here’s a fabulous way to do it. Instead of putting the emphasis on the food, put it on the dishware! Bring out your appetizers or your “gourmet” meal before the game on a bunch of dice plates!

These Ceramic Dice Plates are adorable and will have everybody eating all of the food off of their plates so they can study them a little closer. The salad was a little crispier than normal? The chicken a bit drier? Who noticed – they wanted to get to the bottom of the dish! The Ceramic Dice Plates will also be a great way to get the conversation started about how to top each other for the next bunko night.

The set of plates comes with six square plates, each with a different number of pips on it. The plates are six inches square and white in color. Made of durable ceramic and hand painted for originality. The Ceramic Dice Plates are dishwasher safe and bdp free for completely safe food consumption on them. The plates are made to stack on top of ach other and stored easily. Multiple sets can also be stacked and stored together.

The Bunco Dice Plates can also be used as an end of the year gift at the holidays to give to your best gals. Save up and keep it for a grand prize give away one night for the top winner.

Start your collection today, because no matter what you do with your plates, they will be loved by everyone who sees them!

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