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Center Piece Dice Candles

Center Piece Dice Candle - 5" x 5"
Center Piece Dice Candle - 5" x 5"
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Product Description

All of your bunco friends will enjoy this cool dice candle!

A Bunco night is never complete without decorations – and something in the form of a dice. The Bunco Center Piece Dice Candle will light up the tables and the conversation for the night.

Have one in the middle of your appetizer station, one on the scorecard handout table or one by the drinks. Spread them around the room you will be buncoing in for added ambience. It’s not suggested to use them in the center of your bunco table since the dice will be rolled in the middle and people reach over the table. (Unless, of course, you have a really tame bunco group. Congratulations!)

The Center Piece Dice Candle is five inches tall, five inches wide and looks like a giant dice. The base color of the candle is red and it has white pips edged in, like how pips are actually carved out of dice. There is one wick in the center and it will burn for hours upon hours while you enjoy Bunco night.

This candle could be passed from hostess to hostess or kept at your own house to use over and over whenever you host the Bunco night. It will last through several nights worth of Bunco. The candle can also be used for prizes if you so desire to give it away.

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