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Cell Phone Straps w/ Hearts 1 Dozen
Cell Phone Straps w/ Hearts 1 Dozen
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Product Description

Cell Phone Straps w/ Hearts 1 Dozen
There is a quick and easy way – fairly inexpensive as well – that you can jazz up the technology in your life. Not that your technology is dull, boring, cold or metallic looking over anyone else’s, there’s just a way to make it look…prettier. And fun. Heck, not just fun, but like you are a rocking, rolling, bunco babe!

If you want to jazz up everybody’s technology at once, here is the perfect way to do it – with Cell Phone Straps. This Cell Phone Strap comes in a set of twelve, which makes everyone able to get one. The strap can not only hook to your cell phone, but could go on your digital camera, key chain, purse, belt loop, rearview mirror or PDA.

The Cell Phone Strap is 4 ½ inches long and comes on a pink or black cord. Every strap in the set comes with a different colored plastic dice charm. On the top and the bottom of the dice are glass beads and hearts of assorted, coordinating colors. Colors vary by set and may include white, red, pink, blue, black, orange, dark blue or yellow. The dice have black or white pips and look like real, miniature dice.

The Cell Phone Straps can be handed out as prizes or maybe you can make it a secret code for your group. Charge an admission price – besides your bunco booty – and everyone gets the official Cell Phone Strap to signify their membership in the exclusive club.

The straps can also be used in decorations for the night of bunco and given away at the end, just because. No matter what you choose to do with your set, have fun with them!

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