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White Dice with Multi-Colored Dots for Bunco

White Dice with Multi Colored Dots - 1 Dozen
White Dice with Multi Colored Dots - 1 Dozen
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Product Description

Here’s a way to really mix up your Bunco Night – use Multi-Colored Pip Dice!

This set of dice comes with twelve in a package. 16mm - they are larger than the standard 12mm size, with white sides and bright pips in orange, blue, black, red, yellow and green.

Use this colorful dice as a way to incorporate a colorful theme (Margarita night, Fiesta, Cinco de Mayo, etc) more in your decorating scheme or just use it all the time. This set of Multi-Colored pips is also great for Bunco Nights that involve…alcohol!

When you or the girls get a little bit too much wine or cosmopolitan in your system, it’s sometimes hard to remember what number you are rolling for. Ha! This set of dice solves the problems because you only need to remember the color. Simply yell out a color before the start of the round and everyone can help you keep score. For some reason, the color is simpler to keep track of once you hit the third or fourth round of the night!

Choose a color that matches your bunco party theme. The white bunco dice cube with multi colored pips contains 1 dozen 16MM, quality, standard size game dice.

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