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Bunko Cow Bells

Bunko Cow Bells
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Product Description

How about ordering up a rainbow colored assortment of cowbells? Bunco Cow Bells can be used for your Bunco ‘Til the Cows Come Home theme night or even for the Farmyard Funnies night.

The Bunco Cow Bells are three inches tall. They are sold individually and come in a wide range of colors, including yellow, orange, green, blue, white, purple and black. The Bunco Cow Bells have a dinger on the inside that actually rings and sounds like the age old cow bell from the field. How loud will it get in your house when you have twelve bells ringing at the same time?

The Bunco Cow bells can be used instead of a dinger at the signal of each round beginning and ending. Everyone can have a bell and signal when they have their own bunco, mini bunco or other event that happens at the table. The bells can also be used as a booby prize for the lowest scoring gal of the night. Heck, just hand them out to everyone when they leave so they can have a reminder of the great night you just hosted. The Bunco Cow Bells are a great inexpensive and CLEAN way to send everyone home with a prize.

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