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Dice Place Card Holder

Dice Place Card Holder
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Product Description

Sometimes we all need a little help standing up or a little push in the right direction. That is where these multipurpose dice Table Card Holders come in. They are perfect for any party or bunco event! Just a few fun uses for them would be: hold name tags, mark table numbers, show which direction the game is flowing, setting arrangements, or to display photos from your former bunco parties!

A sturdy tower of red dice are molded together for a base and a looped wire comes out through the top. The red dice have white pips and are heavy enough they can also double as a balloon weight. Tie a colorful bunch of balloons to it and place them in various spots in the kitchen or your rolling room.

The Table Place Card Holders come individually. They are four and 3/4" inches tall and are made from resin plastic.

Order your dice Table Place Card Holders today and start thinking of all the fun and creative ways you can use them in your next dice themed party!

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