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Black & Silver Dice Charm Bracelet

Black & Silver Dice Charm Bracelet
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Product Description

This cool new piece to add to your collection is a Black & Silver Dice Charm Bracelet. This bracelet features silver beads on the bracelet that are separated by black dice charms. In between all of these charms dangle pewter colored dice with white pips. The bracelet comes in one size, which fits most people.

The Black & Silver Dice Charm bracelet can be a personal purchase for you, just because. Or it can be an accessory to your costume for a variety of themed nights. Theme nights could be anything from Shake It Up Baby to Dice is the Night. Be creative with your theme and see who can do it up right by wearing dice in strategic places.

The Black & Silver Dice Charm Bracelet could also be used as a prize at the end of the night for a high scorer. It might be a prize if you do yearly prizes for the most wins in a season. You might be surprised with how many different categories you could come up with to hand this off as a prize. But when it’s your bunco night, you might just want to keep it for yourself and tell the ladies how to get their very own from the site!

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