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Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun - Part 1

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Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun! Part 1

By Elle J. Miller

“Bunco!” Kari jumps from her seat, high-fiving her friends. That was her 3rd bunco in a row, and she was having the time of her life. Her head has cleared of the “to do” and grocery lists magnetized to her refrigerator; the laundry sorted -- but not started -- in the basement; the lack of sleep from her 12-month-old daughter’s regression to sleeping only four hours at a time. Tonight is her night. She glances around at the green plates, cut out shamrocks hanging from light fixtures, the green beer in front of her, and the coveted Pot O’ Gold on the corner shelf. Its contents a secret until the winner of the night is revealed. Kari smiles as the game continues; thinking it was worth the scramble to find green clothing (not her best color) for the St. Patrick’s Day theme bunco party.

Why is this boisterous game of dice spreading in popularity across America? Why are women gathering with friends each month, making room on their already crowded schedule for a night of dressing strangely, cow bells and fuzzy dice? If they want a “night out with the girls,” why aren’t they heading for the neighborhood bar?

Why? Because bunco babes just want to have fun! The monthly bunco game becomes a date on the calendar to look forward to . . . to let your hair down and be yourself, without worrying about a bar fly hitting on you, or why your best friend is getting asked to dance, but you aren’t. Yes, a rousing bunco party can get a little loud and rowdy, but your ears won’t be ringing as you try to go to sleep from blasting dance band speakers, and unless you really get into that green beer (or wine, or cosmopolitan), you will also feel much better in the morning!

Are you a bunco babe just waiting to have fun? You’ve played the game – or want to play the game, you have a group of friends you’d love to spend time with, but you don’t know where to begin? Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Find Festive Friends

This will probably be the hardest part. Finding 11 friends who want to have a fun time is easy. Finding 11 friends who are reliable (will show up or find an alternate player), and who will take their turn hosting a party is a bit more difficult. (It’s not fair for one person to have the responsibility every time: 12 players/12 months – PERFECT!)

Scheduling Bunco Night

This is probably the next hardest thing to do. Gather your 11 bunco buddies together and look at your calendars. First find a DAY of the week which seems to be less likely a busy day or evening . . . Tuesday, Wed, Thursday, or weekends for those who have small kids and need their spouse home to babysit. Once that is established, decide to meet on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd “that-day” of the month ... (i.e. the 3rd Thursday of the month) and get marking on those calendars. This will give each of you a date each month to avoid scheduling other things, and a date to look forward to as you count down to fun!

Plan Upcoming Parties

If you are really organized, together you can plan the upcoming year’s parties and themes. This way you can write on your calendar whose place is holding the party, and what the theme is, so you can think ahead to what you will wear, what food you might bring (if doing a potluck), or which party/theme you just MUST host! If you aren’t that organized, decide on the next 3-4 gatherings and give yourselves time to brainstorm for the rest of the calendar year’s events. Make sure everyone gets a printed out list of bunco rules, and also make sure someone is gathering and putting together a list of addresses/email addresses/phone numbers of the group to be given out later.

Now that “business” is over, treat your friends to a fun night of bunco, and send them home with smiles, prizes, and brains scrambling to think of what they are going to do to make their host-night “the best girls night ever.”

Next newsletter: Part 2 of “Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun,” including getting your bunco box ready, menu and prize ideas, and much more!

About the Author: Elle J. Miller is a freelance writer for Bunco Game Shop,, where you will find helpful information about bunco, the bunco rules, bunco games, bunco supplies, bunco party favors, and bunco gifts. Copyright © 2006 Bunco Game Shop. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. You can write to Elle J. Miller at