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Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun - Part 2

Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun Part 2

by Elle J. Miller

Summer has arrived ... kids are out of school, schedules are disrupted, it’s going to get hot ... and bunco babes still want to have fun! Now more than ever! There is nothing better than a bunco party to look forward to during the summer months. After days of listening to “I’m bored ... he did it ... it’s too hot ... can I have ALL my friends over? ...” a bunco babe will count down to some adult/girl time just for her and her friends. Are you ready to head to someone’s wonderfully air conditioned home, or a party by the pool just for the girls? Then let’s get back to business, making sure all is taken care of for the party so you can all have fun on that bunco party night.

If you read Part 1 of Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun at you have learned about finding 12 festive friends, scheduling bunco night, and planning upcoming parties. What’s next?

Be Prepared

Have a bunco box prepared. Each person in your group can have one, or you can have one for the group, which travels to the next hostess’s home at the end of the night. This box should contain: 9 six-sided dice, 1 fuzzy traveling die, bunco score sheets, a bell (cow bell is popular), 12 writing utensils, and tally pads. While the traveling box is a great idea, you may find that soon everyone will be having their own box with bunco score sheets and supplioes so they can play the game at home with other friends for scattered gatherings not on the schedule. Separate boxes are also better if the 12 bunco babes live far apart, in case the next scheduled hostess ends up sick or unable to host the next party, and she needs to find a substitute or trade months with someone.


What better way to make this feel like an official party than sending out invitations? This can be done via regular (snail) mail, or email. There are wonderful programs for computers to produce unique printed invitations to mail, or some fun online card spots to send email. Of course a regular email will work also ... just make sure you make it sound exciting and fun and make their day as they head to their calendar to write down all the information. First and foremost, of course, is the date and time. Make sure you send out the invitation with plenty of time for them to schedule their life around the date, especially if you haven’t already pre-planned months ahead (as stated in Part 1), or if you have a theme party and want them to come up with some fun costumes and/or props.


Each hostess will decide what she wants to do. Perhaps one wants to do a cocktail time with appetizers, another may want to do a buffet, the next may want to do a whole Luau spread with all the decorations, and the next ... pizza. All are great ideas, and with some special touches, they all can be fabulous. Of course the invitation should state the time to arrive and what is expected so no one has dieted all day ready for a feast, and only receives a few cocktail weinies! Take the eating time to go over any special rules for the night. Gathering around a table with cosmopolitans or a glass of wine with finger foods, or giving fondue a try is a great way to start the fun.


For the first party (yours) while you have just gathered your friends and are deciding on bunco dates and themes for the next few months or the rest of the year, you may want to buy the prizes yourself. For future parties, together you can decide whether or not to have the hostess buy the prizes or if everyone should kick in a certain preset amount ($5/$10) to be split at the end of the game. For your first party you may want to buy some small items. (Dollar Stores are great, gift certificates, or prizes corresponding with your theme). Decide what the prizes are designated for: Most Buncos, 2nd Most Buncos, Best Costume, Least Buncos, all calculated from your bunco score sheets....

Party Time!

Be as prepared as you can before the party. Tables, chairs, bells, pencils, and bunco score sheets should be set up, food ready, kids out with Dad or at the grandparents or non-bunco friends’ houses. This way you can warmly greet your guests and direct them toward refreshments and food, being able to have a relaxed, fun time yourself. Enjoy each party, and learn from them. By the end of the year all past hostesses will be looking forward to their next year’s turn to hostess because they will have more fun ideas and know what works and what doesn’t work.

Most important ... relax and have fun. If you are having fun, so are the rest of your guests ... and that is SO important because ... Bunco babes just want to have fun!

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