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Dice Wine Glass Charms with Pouch - 1 Dozen Colored
Dice Wine Glass Charms with Pouch - 1 Dozen Colored
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Product Description

1 Dozen Bunco Dice Wine Glass Charms with Black Pouch.

Keeping all of your glasses straight can be tricky. Unless you are of the variety that uses plastic cups and permanent markers (OK, guilty of that here a few times), something else needs to be done. Sure, markers can be a budget stretcher when you need it, but let’s modernize and go a little bit more sophisticated with some Bunco Dice Wine Glass Charms.

The set of Bunco Dice Wine Glass Charms includes 12 different colored dice charms on silver wire with coordinating glass beads. There is: dark pink, light pink, lime green, purple, black, red, teal, orange, silver, gray white and maroon colored dice with numbered pips marked out. Colors may vary per set, but there will be 12 unique, see through dice charms per purchased set.

Bunco Dice Wine Glass Charms don’t have to be attached to alcoholic drinks – teetotalers are welcomed as well. You can have your sweet iced tea or lemonade and still have fun at Bunco night…just make sure you have your glass with a specially marked charm so you aren’t drinking your BFFs drink by accident!! Charms can be hooked around the stem of not only wine glasses, but martini glasses, margarita glasses and water goblets that have stems. Save the permanent marker for the scorecards and to write the winner on the tally sheet!

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