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Bunco Bell

Bunco Bell
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Product Description

The game of bunco couldn’t be complete (or even started!) without the use of the little bell. Did your game come without a bell to ding? Did your bell get broken due to all the rowdy dinging when 21 was reached? Maybe your bell has lasted through a dozen years or more of bunco parties and just needs to be retired for a newer model. Whatever the reason is for needing a new dinger, have no fear, for the Bunco Bell is here!

The 3 1/2" Bunco Bell is silver in color. It is the traditional bell which you click the top and it dings. No tricks of the trade here. You might want to work on your dinger finger through, so it can get adjusted to the newer sleeker bell it will have to work with ;)

One way to “trick out” your new bell is by painting or gluing on it. Come up with a colorful dice scene to put around the base or glue a strip of hot pink (or your theme color) maribu around the bell. These are just a few ideas to make you the ultimate party host and to set the mood for each of your Bunco Nights. Another clever idea is to have each winner autograph the bell somewhere at the end of the night. Just think what the bell will look like two, three or even five years down the road with all those different signatures. Who wins the most?

Order your bell today and may the dinging commence!

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