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Ceramic Dice Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Ceramic Dice Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
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Product Description

Does your Bunco Night involve a gourmet dinner before you play the game? What better way to add it than with a pair of Ceramic Dice Salt & Pepper Shakers?

The Ceramic Dice Salt & Pepper Shakers are square double deckers and three inches tall. They are made of durable white ceramic and painted with black pips on the sides that are visible. The salt has two openings on the top side and the pepper has three.

Even if you don’t serve a meal, the Ceramic Dice Salt & Pepper Shakers could be left out for your appetizers. Heck, if you want to get crazy, put sugar and powdered sugar in the dice and use it to sprinkle over some fancy desserts. Bunko Night doesn’t have to be anything normal, so why should the food you eat or the utensils you have out be normal either? Liven up your kitchen with the dice shakers all the time and make it a conversation starter. I bet somebody will ask to borrow them soon…

Our Ceramic Dice Salt and Pepper Shaker set will look great at your next bunco party. These shakers are adorable and will really stand out when your party guests reach for their appetizers. Each piece is hand painted ceramic. Size: 3" H.

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