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Ceramic Dice Teapot

Ceramic Dice Teapot
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Product Description

When you first see the picture of the Dice Teapot, did you say, “OMG, that’s cute!” I bet you did, because that was the very same reaction I had at first glimpse. I then wondered how fast I could get it here so I could have a cup of tea! OK, maybe not the cup of tea part but I want to have this on display ASAP.

The Dice Teapot is ceramic and certified by the FDA as food safe. Don’t worry about paint contaminants or something else to ruin your cup of tea. The pot can have warm or hot water poured in, but placing it over the oven burner to warm is not recommended.

This teapot will hold 20 oz of hot water. It sits 4 ½ inches tall and wide and has a lid with a 2 inch opening. The spout and the heart shaped handle are solid black. The rest of the teapot looks like a white dice with black pips painted on. The handle is cleverly formed with a pip to look like the handle, keeping the dice true to form.

The Dice Teapot can be used as just a centerpiece if none of your girls are tea drinkers. But remember, you can always keep hot water in it to make hot toddy’s, hot chocolate or even to make instant coffee.

If the Dice Teapot is used as a gift for your big winner on Bunco Night, make sure to have lots of band aids on hand, because it will get vicious and ugly while trying to grab those dice! The Dice Teapot would also make a nice gift for someone who you know likes to play any type of game that uses dice in it.

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