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Pink Dice with Black Dots

Pink Dice with Black Pips
Pink Dice with Black Pips
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Product Description

Who likes to use the plain old, boring dice that are white with black pips (dots)? Sure, it works when it has to, but why not make the whole atmosphere of your Bunco night be fun and exciting, right down to the dice!

These 16mm pink dice with black pips are slightly larger than standard 12mm size and weight, and one big difference is their hot pink color. The pips (dots) are black, making it easy to see and tally as you quickly roll to 21. The dice come as a set of twelve, so everyone can have the fun dice at their table, not just the head table or one cool dice per table. You even have extra so you can add a fourth table if you need to, to make for an even wilder night of Bunco.

The pink dice can go great to adding to a theme or color scheme you are having. Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and their ribbon color is pink. The dice can coordinate well with pink plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and even decorations.

You can have a Save the Boobies Night, a Bunco for Breasts Night or even a Bunco Cancer Away. Instead of handing out the pot for prizes at the end of the night, consider giving it to the Bunco For Breast or saving it for your Relay For Life team fundraising efforts. Every bit helps!

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