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Eat, Play, Laugh Bunco Rules by Joanne Lizza

Joanne’s New and Improved Bunco Rules! With A chance to become a “Bunco Diva” for a moment!!!

1. Each game of Bunco consists of 6 rounds.

2. During round #1, three dice are tossed, and a tally is kept of the number of 1’s rolled. The player continues to roll until no 1’s are rolled.

3. During round #2, three dice are tossed, and a tally is kept of the number of 2’s rolled, etc.

4. The round continues until someone sitting at Table #1 reaches 21 (they will ring the bell), OR SOMEONE AT ANY OTHER TABLE GETS A BUNCO (They will yell “BUNCO”! and the bell will ring to sstop that round)

5. A Bunco is three of a kind of the number of the round being played. Ex. Three 1’s in round 1, three 2’s in round 2, etc, and is worth 21 points.

6. If three of a kind is rolled, but does not correspond to the round being played, ex. Three 3’s in round 1, this is a Bingo, is worth 5 points and the player continues his/her roll.

7. When the round ends, each player counts their tallies, and the total is recorded to determine a win or non-win (loss) for that round. At a table of 4, the two high scores mark a win and the 2 low scores mark a non-win (loss) for that round. Low scores move to the next table. At a table of three there is only one winner, and the two low scores move.

8. When a player yells “Bunco”, play at all tables stop, that player becomes the “Bunco Diva” and is presented the BEAUTIFUL feather boa to proudly wear until the next Bunco is rolled. A prize will be given to the person wearing the boa at the end of the evening.

9. If a tie occurs at the end of the round, each player rolls one die and the first to roll that numbered round is the winner.

10. All players get at least one roll in each round.

11. At the end of the evening, the player with the most losses gets $2.00, the player with the last Bunco gets $1.00 and a special surprise, and the player with the most wins gets the remainder of the pot and has the honor of enjoying the Bunco trophy until the next Lizza Bash! If a tie occurs, the prize will be split.