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Flashing Rubber Dice - 4 Piece Set in a Blue Satin Storage Bag

Flashing Rubber Dice - 4 Piece Set in a Blue Satin Storage Bag
Item# 69-PTAK-N7B2
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Product Description

Hello! Bunko night is coming around and you are just plain out of ideas to make it a fun night. Sure, you have a theme with the coordinating paper products, but it just lacks the pizzazz you were hoping to pull off for the girls. So, there must be some kind of way you can light up the night and make them remember it…right?

There sure is. How about some Soft Flashing Rubber Dice! These dice are colorful, fun, spectacularly different and will light up the night. The Soft Flashing Rubber Dice are 1 ½ inches in size and come in a variety of colors, such as red, orange, blue and green. The pips are another bright color and make the dice even more fun to look at. Oh, did I mention they light up?

Inside each dice is an LED light that flashes once the dice has bounced. The blinking will stop automatically after a short time. Now, since there are lights in each dice, you can really liven up bunko night!

Keep the lights turned off and roll in the dark! How fun and different would that be? Just purchase enough of the Soft Flashing Rubber Dice so there is enough for each table and waa la! You have a fun night, sure to be talked about for months to come.

Now, if you don’t want to play in the dark, you could always use the Soft Flashing Rubber Dice as a decoration on the food or drink table. They can also keep the bathroom spiffy for the girls. And if you even felt like parting with them, they could be a take home keepsake bunco favors at the end of the night. But don’t count on it, they’re too cute.

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