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How to Set Up Your 1st Bunko Party

How to Set Up For an Amazing Bunco Party

Welcome to the Bunko Junkie’s Party Planning Series. Today we are discussing how to prepare for a bunco party.

Spring is here, kids are on break, schedules are disrupted, there’s gardening to be done, and it’s going to get crazy… AND BUNCO BABES STILL WANT TO HAVE FUN.

There is no better time to put your gorgeous self in the spotlight to host the bunco party of the year.

Sound daunting? Not to worry … we are here to ensure your party is perfect!

As we get closer to game night, you might be feeling a little concerned about making sure you have all the supplies you need for your first bunco party. Here are 3-quick steps to setting up impressive game tables.

Step #1 – Have a Bunco Bag Prepared. Each person in your group can have one, or you can have one for the entire group, which travels to the next hostess’s home at the end of the night.

For a group of 12 each bunko bag should contain 9 six- sided dice, 1 fuzzy traveling die, a tiara, or a boa, score sheets, tally sheets, 12 pencils and a bell.

Step #2 – Set Up Your Table. For a standard group of 12 you will need to set up three tables with seating for 4 at each table. Place 1 pencil and score sheet at each place setting. Place a pad of tally sheets in the center of each table. Place the fuzzy die and bell at the center of the head table.

Step #3 – Themes and Snacks. If you are hosting a theme party, be sure to have some easy to eat hors d’oeuvers that promote your theme for a guaranteed delicious time.

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