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Memorable Bunko Gifts and Prizes

The game of bunco isn't complete without prizes. Each group is different, but typically everyone puts in $5 or $10 towards the pot for prizes at the end of the night. There can be a mixture of cash prizes or other prizes, depending on the theme you choose.

There are lots of categories for prize money. Some include:

ˇ Highest score

ˇ Lowest score (boobie prize)

ˇ Most buncos

ˇ Last bunco

ˇ Most wins

ˇ Most losses

The prize money can be split up however your group wants. Usually the boobie prize winner just gets their original pot money back. You can spice it up and give it back to them in quarters, one dollar bills or dimes. Larger prizes go to the highest score and the most buncos. Some groups don't keep track of the most buncos, just who is holding the lucky dice last. You don't even have to keep track of buncos if you don't want - the rules are up to you!

Another great way to celebrate bunco is when you help out a good cause. Roll the dice and beat the odds! Bunco Game Shop has teamed up to help out the breast cancer awareness site. There are many different ways you can be a part of this great program. You can host a bunco for breast cancer night and donate all the pot money to the cause and forego prizes. You can make it your theme and have pink food, pink drinks and pink clothing for everyone to wear. Of course, you'll need pink ribbons for everyone to wear as well.

If you are looking for prizes, you can always visit Bunco Game Shop and get dice themed prizes. They have cup charms, fuzzy dice, charms, jewelry, banks for money prizes, pink ribbon gifts, and just about anything you can think of with dice. Pot money can go towards prizes if you don't want to hand out cash prizes. Or you could do both! Prizes make bunco better!