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Pink Dice with White Dots

Pink Dice with White Pips - 1 Dozen
Pink Dice with White Pips - 1 Dozen
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Product Description

All of the hippest Bunco hostesses know it is cool to match your dice with the color of your party’s theme.

This set of 12 dice comes in a medium pink color with bright white pips (dots). The white pips are easy to see for quick counting purposes – so don’t worry about the variation away from white with boring black pips. Color is the spice of life, so throw it in every chance you get. The dice are large 16mm, legal sized dice that can be used for other games, if needed.

Think how cool these dice would look at your Bunco for Boobs (Breast Cancer Awareness theme) or even at your Pink Flamingo party. The pink dice can be thrown in for a Pink Baby Shower Bunco night, a Cosmopolitan Bunco Night or even a Girls Night Out Bunco theme. The dice would be a nice color combination with pink pencils, the large pink fuzzy dice that travels and even the scorecards.

Go crazy with your pinks, it might bring you good luck. The best part, if your spouse, children or significant other ever has a need for dice and borrows the pink ones, you know they’ll either 1) never get taken because they are pink or 2) always get returned because you know exactly what those pink dice were used for – Bunco!

The pink dice will always be known as being for your Bunco set, so buying pink will actually save you money from having to buy white ones over and over again. Smart choice.

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