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Bunco Babe Crystal Dice T-Shirt Iron-on

Bunco Babe Crystal Dice T-Shirt Iron-on
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Product Description

Show off your bunco spirit with this new Bunco Babe T-shirt rhinstone iron-on. The hot Bunco Babe t-shirt iron-on makes the perfect t-shirt, towel, or apron for bunco night!

The Bunco Babe t-shirt iron-on features hot pink lettering and clear rhinestones and measures a whopping 5.5" wide x 4.0" tall.

Use the Bunko Babe t shirt iron on to make your own button up shirts, t-shirts, aprons, hand towels, etc.

Your bunco winners would love to receive a Bunco Babe themed rhinestone gift. Order a set for your bunco winners and 1 for your own bunco night outfit today!

Directions to apply rhinestones 1. Take off the protective foil from the tape. 2. Place the transfer motif on the required position of the cloth. 3. Lay a protective ironing fabric on the top of the motify and apply iron. When required application time is completed, release the press. 4.Turn inside out then press once again. 5. Remove the sticker from the cloth after cooling. 6. Turn inside for wash - hand wash only.

Temperature 302--338 degrees for 15 seconds on front and 10 seconds on back. Consider taking to a t=shirt shop to apply press. No refunds on this item. Time(s) 10--20 7--12

Tips & Warnings • If you are going to glue the rhinestones to fabric consider using a syringe with a smaller tip. Using a syringe will give you a smaller more precise dot of glue. •If there is a possibility that the garment will be dry-cleaned then don't even think about using glue (this does not apply to the glue on hot-fix stones) . .

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