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Dice Bracelet Set - 1 Dozen Small Dice Beads - Assorted Colors

Dice Bracelet Set - 1 Dozen Small Dice Beads - Assorted Colors
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Product Description

Assorted Colors: These adorable, transparent, bunco dice bracelets make a wonderful and affordable party favor for every member of your group.

Each 12 piece dice bracelet set can be separated and given as individual pieces. The dice bead bracelets are packaged in an organza gift bag.

Each dice bracelet is acrylic and has 7mm, diagonally strung beads on a flexible cord. 1 size fits all. Great quality!

Give one of these dice bracelets to each bunco roller throughout the bunco party, or order 1 set for each player as a party favor. You can also purchase a set to award to your major bunco game category winners (most buncos, most wins, most losses) at the end of the bunco game.

Wear the bunco dice bracelets again and again each time you meet for bunco. Have a contest to see who can collect the most dice bracelets by the end of the year and award a special prize at your December bunco party. These dice bracelets are cute enough to wear as everyday jewelry, even after the bunco party.

You will be revered as the queen bunco hostess by honoring your bunco guests with these adorable dice bead bracelets. Bunco Supplies.

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