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Buy Bunco Clock with Free Bunco T-Shirt

It's Bunco Time Wall Clock - Plus a FREE Bunco Babe T-shirt
It's Bunco Time Wall Clock - Plus a FREE Bunco Babe T-shirt
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It's Bunco Time Wall Clock - Plus a FREE Bunco Babe T-shirt
Limited time: Free T-shirt with purchase.

Are you wondering how much longer until you get to go away for the night, without the kids, the pets or the spouse? Well maybe if you bought a Bunco Clock, you’d never have to ask again. It’s always bunco time on the Bunco Clock.

The Bunco Clock is a spectacular gift to use for your holiday gift exchange between the bunco gals. Who wouldn’t want to have a bunco theme clock, where you can proudly display the time when it is your month to host the big party. When you don’t want to wait until the holidays to give the clock away, use it as a grand prize giveaway one night. The bunco night can even have a clock theme to it – Tick Tock, My Biological Clock, What Time Is It? Or whatever theme you come up with that requires the time.

If you don’t want to give it away as a trade gift, buy one for yourself! The girls will all see your clock and be jealous of it, then want one of their own. (Be sure to give them the webpage link!)

This Bunco Clock is all black, with bright pink numbers on most of the hour markers. The three, six, nine and twelve spots are marked with white dice, of the coordinating number of pips. How clever is that! There are also black minute and hour hands that spin around over the words, “It’s Bunco Time!” The clock requires two AA batteries in order to run. The clock is twelve inches across and would fit perfectly in any room of your house.

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