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Dice Keychains - Very Cute Bunco Supplies!

Large Acrylic Dice Keychains - 1 Dozen - Excellent Bunco Gifts
Large Acrylic Dice Keychains - 1 Dozen - Excellent Bunco Gifts
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Product Description

How about showing your Bunco spirit all day, every day? These cheerful Acrylic Dice Keychains come in four bright colors that will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face every day. Heck, they might even make someone else snicker, smile or laugh at a memory that is Bunco Night induced!

The Acrylic Dice Keychains are ¾ of an inch tall, wide and deep. The colors available are red, yellow, green and blue with white pips marked on each side, just like a real dice. A short, silver chain and ring will keep your keys securely hooked on.

The Acrylic Dice Keychains can be handed out as prizes during your Bunco Night. Do you have a dice theme? Hand one out to everyone as they leave for the night as a souvenir. Do you have a booby prize for the lowest score? Each Bunco Night you can save one keychain for the prize until everyone gets one. (OK, some people may have multiples, but they can get different colors!)

The Acrylic Dice Keychains can also be a smart and colorful way for your kids to keep track of the house key. Store it in their purse or backpack so they can easily use it when they get home or off the bus. They won’t want to lose that pretty looking dice, and neither will you!

Your bunco group will love receiving these acrylic dice key chains as a gift at your next bunco party!Each dozen contains 3 yellow, 3 green, 3 blue, and 3 red, 3/4" dice key chains.

Order these large, great quality, acrylic dice key chains to have a wonderful bunco party favors or bunco gifts for each guest at your next bunco event.

Your bunco group will be so thrilled with your purchase of these cute dice keychians!

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