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Our Bunco Bear makes an adorable bunco prize!

Bunco Bear - 8' Tall
Bunco Bear - 8' Tall
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Product Description

This bear is cute, cuddly and can tie in with any love, romance, bear or red theme you throw for your bunco night. The Plush Bunko Bear is medium brown in color and wearing a red shirt. His shirt has white hearts on it and the word Bunco printed in the center of the hearts. He is so adorable, you will want to pick him up and just squeeze him to death. The Plush Bunko Bear stands eight inches tall and can watch you roll from the appetizers or from the center of a table. He can be hand washed if your gals get a little crazy and spill a drink or appetizer on him too. The Plush Bunko Bear would also make a great gift at the end of the night for your winner.

This could be the traveling prize from month to month, kind of like how the giant dice travels during the game from bunko holder to bunko holder. The Plush Bunko Bear could just be a reminder of who the winner was during the last bunko night out when he is brought to the current bunko night’s house.

The bunko bear could also be an accessory to your bear themed night. Bunco is Grrreat, I Can’t Bear a Month Without Bunco or even Bear and Wine Make Bunco Fine are all great themes for your stuffed bear. See what clever way you can incorporate a bear in to your night.

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