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Buy Inflatable Dice Bunco Decorations - Blow Up Dice

1 Assorted Jumbo Inflatable Dice Decoration - 12" Assorted
1 Assorted Jumbo Inflatable Dice Decoration - 12" Assorted
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1 Piece. Let’s make it a bunko beach party! You can order a bunch of these jumbo Inflatable Dice Decorations to place around the patio, in the pool, on the deck or whatever room you decide to set up the bunko tables. The jumbo dice will make the night look festive, no matter what your theme might be.

The Inflatable Dice Decoration really are jumbo in size – 12” square. They are made out of durable plastic so you can toss them around, bat around in the pool or even hold if you are the reigning bunko holder. You just might not want to sit on them. The Inflatable Dice Decoration looks great sitting on the appetizer table or in a corner of your bunko room. Get a few and stack them all over your house.

Each Inflatable Dice Decoration is sold separately, but comes in a variety of colors. There is green, red, and blue. purple, orange, yellow. Each dice will have flat, white colored pips on each side so it looks like a real dice. Just jumbo in size.

Other uses for the Inflatable Dice Decoration are, as always, a gift for the winner. Heck, you could even make it a gift for the booby prize winner if you keep track of low scores as well. No one walks away without a prize from your bunko night! The only problem with ordering a bunch of these jumbo dice is that the girls might decide to get all silly and play with a super large set. How fun would that be? Heck, MAKE one table play outdoors and have a spot on the lawn where they are rolling the huge dice and trying to score big. Ha! See if they can.

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